For the past 15 years, I’ve been a retailer and wholesaler of a specialty tea company.  I started the tea company after 15 years of owning and operating a full-service day spa.  The day spa was very successful, but it wasn’t my passion.  I loved my employees and the customers, but not the business.  What I did love was “tea”.  We served tea to our guests in bone china cups.  We had an afternoon tea service as part of our “Days of Beauty”.  That aspect of the business I really enjoyed.

After selling the day spa, an impulsive trip to China brought it all into focus.  I wanted to be in the ‘tea’ business.  Of course, I didn’t know the first thing about tea, nor about what kind of ‘tea’ business to be in.  Should it be a tearoom?  A retail store?  Research and business plans made me realize that I wanted to be an online merchant.  It was 2001, before the explosion of online tea businesses.

Now its 15 years later and it’s time to do something else.  But what?
…. I’ve been a business owner most of my adult life.
…. I LOVE to travel.
…. I am passionate about tea.
…. I share a wonderful life with my English husband.
…. I have four adult children of whom I am very proud and who have blessed me with 16 loving grandchildren (and one great grandchild).
…. I am a true Sagittarius – honest, creative, energetic and fun loving.
…. I’ve traveled to many fascinating places.  (Tripadvisor actually says I’ve been to 178 different cities in 18 countries!)  The country visited most often is, of course, England.
…. I’ve eaten some of the world’s most exotic foods, met and traveled with some fascinating people.
…. and I’m a darn good cook.

So, I’m starting with this blog!  Welcome!!


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